Mario Chape

Mario Chape brings the smoke and spice to New York City streets and beyond with a full-flavor and charismatic approach. Some say he’s a tested and true entrepreneur, easily attributed to being the son of hardworking Puerto Rican and Cuban parents. Mom set the bar high for him to graduate with my B.A from the prestigious Providence campus of Johnson & Wales University. Early kitchen roots in America’s Corporate brands.

In 2010 he was inspired to bring his experience to the world expressing Latino roots in the age-old traditions of barbecue and barbacoa. This has projected his own voice to tell the story of Mario and HIStory. Infusing a brisket or ribs with the flavors of the past like sour oranges, garlic, and onions was just the beginning.

You can find his 20 ft smoker all summer long in New York City. At any point Chef could be representing at Food Networks Food and Wine Festival, participating in the national barbecue circuit with heavy hitters like Ubons at the James Beard House, or just up the block on Madison Avenue flipping 200lb hogs at the Big Apple BBQ. This Is what chefs like Mario are bred for and this has become his story to tell.

Working closely with charcoal roasting box manufacturers over the years allows Mario to deliver consistent quality Isadora for private events, catering, and brand-building opportunities. His partnership with industry leaders like Frontier Charcoal continues to make roads for the community that Mario represents.


Bringing this story to others means full community immersion and giving back.


  • My own “Feed the Family” community fridge, a place to drop off or pick up food.
  • Planning a Non-Profit culinary community center to give folks the opportunity to further themselves in culinary business education.
  • Culinary Economic empowerment plan, a business development plan for a path of entrepreneurship through mentoring.