Quinton Soto

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Quinton, better known as “Q” went to culinary school in 2011. His cooking style has evolved over the years but we can truly say live-fire cooking is in his nature. It’s not just a cooking style, it’s a lifestyle!

He’s worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years and has gained an immense amount of knowledge but it’s nothing like cooking over an open fire pit. In the summertime, he likes to do local pop-ups with a limited menu of 4 items, as well as sell homemade smoked sausages to the locals. He became “ChefQSoto” on Instagram in 2017. He’s been sharing recipes and knowledge ever since. Food is always evolving and you can never stop learning or know too much as he’s still learning new things every day!


  • Founder of Chef Q Pacific Northwest
  • Fire Cooking Enthusiast