Frontier 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Frontier brings the world to your backyard! Add some excitement to your grill with Frontier Mexican Lump Charcoal. Our Mexican lump charcoal is known for our premium hardwood blend of Oak, Mesquite, and Ebony. All are individually known for providing high heat and great flavor.

  • Tex-Mex Flavor: Sear in the flavor of Texas and Mexico with a blend of premium hardwoods, Oak, Mesquite, and Ebony.
  • High Heat: Oak wood that is famous for high heat. Get that great sear on your food every time!
  • Savory Smoke: Mesquite wood provides a unique savory, smoke flavor to your food.
  • Long-Lasting Burn: Ebony adds long-lasting heat for low and slow smoking.
  • Low Ash: Enjoy less ash and easier clean-up.
  • All Natural: Made from Oak, Mesquite, and Ebony hardwood. No added ingredients.

Handcrafted by experts with generations of experience making the best charcoal possible, now blended together to provide you with the optimum blend and size for your grill. All natural with no fillers or added chemicals. Frontier Lump will give you the same long-lasting heat and great smoke flavor that pitmasters in the Southwest have grilled to perfection with for decades. Taste the authentic Tex-Mex flavor!

Type Lump Charcoal
Size Available in 10, 17.6, 30, and 34 lbs

This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Monoxide and Soot, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Made with passion and perserverance.



Handcrafted charcoal is an art perfected over many generations.


All Natural

We only use 100% natural hardwoods for our lump charcoal and those same hardwoods combined with starch for our charcoal briquets.

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We chose the best wood from each region for density, heat, and flavor.

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