Grilled Peach Margarita

Grilled Peaches


2 oz peach tree peach liquor

2 oz sweet & sour mix

1 ½ oz white tequila

1 oz triple sec


1 Cup Grilled Peach Puree:

5 Large Peaches ,whatever kind is fresh and available

2 oz peach tree peach liquor


Sugar, if needed


1. Start by lighting the grill.

2. Make the Grilled Peach Puree – Cut your peaches in half and place them on the grill for direct cooking,
cut a couple into small slices for garnish.

3. After everything is cooked and charred take them back inside and process them into puree, to do this
add Peaches, 2 oz of peach tree liquor and a touch of water to a blender and pulse it until smooth. If you
aren’t completely in peach season and need a little sugar than add it. Take the puree and chill it down
until you are ready to start making drinks.

4. Once you are ready to start making drinks add the ingredients listed above to your blender with plenty
of ice to make a frozen margarita, or less if you don’t want it frozen. Blend until smooth and thick.

5. Serve and enjoy!