Coal-Roasted Yams & Sweet Potatoes w/Jalapeno Chimichurri

Coal-Roasted Yams & Sweet Potatoes w/Jalapeno Chimichurri


1 lg yam

1 lg sweet potato

½ cup Pomegranate jewels


¼ cup parsley, rough chopped

2 sprigs oregano, picked

1/3 cup extra virgin Montana Mex Avocado oil

½ lemon juiced

2 garlic teeth

2 Tablespoons fresh jalapeno chopped

3 Tablespoons warm water

Pinch of salt & cracked black pepper


1. Place Yam & Sweet Potato right up against your hotbed of coals. Occasionally rotate and flip sides for
60-90 min until cooked through. This becomes an easy background task while the other foods on your
grill cook.

2. For the Chimichurri, in a food processor add all ingredients and blend on high speed until smooth and
creamy. Check seasoning and adjust to further suit your taste.

3. Drizzle with Crème Fraiche and Chimichurri and then top with Pomegranate.